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TCB Walls Inc. is quite literally "The Cure for Block." We build poured concrete walls as an alternative to block because of the many advantages that poured walls provide. We have poured over 1,000 walls in Florida and are continuing to pour walls in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with over 30,000 completed poured wall projects. TCB has been operating in the Central Florida area since 2005. We have continued to expand our geographical work area and have crews that travel all over Florida.

Any project that is designed in block can be switched over to poured in place. If a block job exists that is designed with a cast in place tiebeam, then poured walls could be a value engineering solution for this project. Why not design your entire wall with a structural cast in place tiebeam? This can be done many times at a cost savings over block.


We are also able to replace tilt-wall on many jobs that have trouble validating the cost of casting beds, crane time, are too small, or have accessibility issues. We can pour the walls in place eliminating the costs of a crane, casting beds, and wall steel that is only needed for the stress of tilting.


If you have a structural retaining wall where every cell must be filled, why not cast it in place, reap a cost savings and have a better/stronger finished product?


If you're having a home built whether it's custom or not you can ask your builder for a poured in place option. It's that easy. Give TCB Walls, Inc. a chance to make you another one of our satisfied customers.

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