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Solid concrete has an ultimate flexural strength that is greater than block, making it better able to resist cave-ins caused by lateral pressures of wind, earth, and water. Its ultimate compressive strength is also greater, making it better able to support vertical building loads. In addition, poured concrete walls get stronger as they age - for up to five years.


Poured concrete walls need virtually no maintenance. Concrete's composition is resistant to rot, decay, rodents, termites, and fungi. Poured concrete is also nontoxic, containing no preservatives to become free upon contact or by leaching. Solid concrete walls take care of themselves.



Because of it's increased density and joint-free construction, poured walls offer twice the fire resistance of hollow core block.



Solid concrete walls are essentially impervious to the passage of water. Solid concrete has fewer and smaller voids than block and is less porous. It offers almost twice the density of a hollow core block wall and weighs approximately 50 pounds more per cubic feet. This makes concrete walls drier.



Poured wall construction is adaptable to all home styles, including ranches, duplexes, split levels, modular home, condominiums and apartments. Poured concrete fits in perfectly with today's diverse lifestyles.

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