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Use our standard wall detail sheet  

  • Step 1: Submit them to your Engineer of Record for approval. With the use of Helix steel fibers as the shrinkage and temperature steel the switch is simple.

  • Step 2: Once approved, submit them to the building department as a structural change.

  • The entire process can usually be accomplished in 2-3 days.

  • Many times there won't even be any changes to the foundation plan and can even be switched over after a slab has been poured.


Wall Detail Sheet (pdf)


Request Wall Detail Sheet (dwg)


Helix Standard Design Calcs (pdf)


Window Size Detail Sheet (Excel spreadsheet)


These professionally made wall samples are a perfect fit for any model or selection center. Made from foam to represent a cut through section of poured wall. Customers can see exactly what is in their poured wall: rebar, mesh, spacer wheels, truss straps, and even poured concrete window bucks. Call for more information to have one delivered.

Our 6" solid poured wall is a direct replacement for block


We form all window openings with poured concrete bucking, thereby eliminating all wood bucks.


This makes for an easier window installation and there is nothing to rot or leak.


Any size, shape or architectural detail is possible.


With the option of having Helix steel fibers added to concrete prior to placement you have a product that is 85-90% less likely to have shrinkage and temperature cracking than traditional poured wall or block construction.  In block you would see them as "stairstep cracks".  Look at the engineering behind Helix on our documents page or go to

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